YDOOK: Putty 下载安装详细教程 可用 已解决

1 Putty 下载

1. 登录下载官方网址:https://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/latest.html



2. 在第一个版块及Package files版块中,点击选择Windows的MSI 安装版进行下载,根据系统的版本选择32位或者是64位的;


3. 下载后的安装文件名为:


4. 点击进行安装:


5. 点击change改变安装文件夹:

6. 点击第二项目进行调节,将PuTTY的快捷菜单添加到桌面:

7. 点击 Install 进行安装:


8. 安装顺利完成:

9. 点击Finish:


2. 下面是 README 文件的内容:


This is the README file for the PuTTY MSI installer distribution. If
you’re reading this, you’ve probably just run our installer and
installed PuTTY on your system.

What should I do next?

If you want to use PuTTY to connect to other computers, or use PSFTP
to transfer files, you should just be able to run them from the
Start menu.

If you want to use the command-line file transfer utility PSCP, you
will need to run this from a Command Prompt or equivalent, because it
will not do anything useful without command-line options telling it
what files to copy to and from where. You can do this by just running
the command ‘pscp’ from a Command Prompt, if you used the installer’s
option to put the PuTTY installation directory on your PATH.
Alternatively, you can always run pscp.exe by its full pathname, e.g.
“C:\Program Files\PuTTY\pscp.exe”.

(Note that a Command Prompt that was already open before you ran the
installer will not have inherited the update of PATH.)

Some versions of Windows will refuse to run HTML Help files (.CHM)
if they are installed on a network drive. If you have installed
PuTTY on a network drive, you might want to check that the help file
works properly. If not, see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/896054
for information on how to solve this problem.

What do I do if it doesn’t work?

The PuTTY home web site is


Here you will find our list of known bugs and pending feature
requests. If your problem is not listed in there, or in the FAQ, or
in the manuals, read the Feedback page to find out how to report
bugs to us. PLEASE read the Feedback page carefully: it is there to
save you time as well as us. Do not send us one-line bug reports
telling us `it doesn’t work’.

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Putty使用技巧, 1. PuTTY 中文教程 1. 更新记录 2. 版权声明 3. 序言 4. 一些基本知识 5. 简介 6. 安装 7. 第一印象,开始登录一台远程主机 8. 首次登录一台主机时 9. 又看到了中文乱码 10. 怎么还是乱码? 11. 在 PuTTY 里面怎样选中,复制和粘贴? 2. 实时保存会话 1. 关于注销登录的一些事情 2. 窗口保存的输出有点少,前面的都看不到了 3. 新建一个会话时,还有些东西再啰嗦一下 1. 保持连接,不要自动断开 2. 自动登录用户 3. 自动设置环境变量 4. 设置代理服务器 5. 自动执行一个命令 6. 数据自动压缩传输,变相的提高传输速率 7. 无需口令登录 8. X11 转发能够让你在 Windows 上使用 Linux 的程序 9. 用 SSH Tunnels(SSH 隧道),突破防火墙 4. 象特洛伊木马一样建立一条 SSH 反向隧道 5. 把 PuTTY 作为一个安全的代理服务器来使用 1. 设置 PuTTY 的默认设置 2. 备份 PuTTY 的设置 3. 删除 PuTTY 的设置 6. 用 PuTTYgen 来生成密钥,以后可以不用密码登录服务器了 1. 开始用 PuTTYgen 创建密钥 2. 用密钥登录服务器的流程 7. Pagent 加载密钥,每次开机后只需要输入一次密钥口令 8. 用 SSH 来传输文件 1. PSCP 的使用 2. 再来看看 PSFTP 3. 其他可选的 SFTP 客户端 9. 用 Plink 更方便快捷的执行远程主机上的命令 10. 用假象去迷惑敌人 11. Tips(小技巧) 12. FAQ(常见问题) 13. 附录
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